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Strategic Sourcing

Providing Innovative Clinical Spend Management Solutions



Clinical product sourcing projects are manual, time-consuming, and have high opportunity costs for most hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.


Our Strategic Sourcing methodology offers the optimal combination of technology and professional services to quickly unlock savings across 50+ clinical spend categories.

Data Management

Spend history for clinical preference items are electronically broken down into over 50 product categories for expedited prioritization of cost savings projects. Algorithms scan your spend history, identify products, suppliers, and compare your price performance against other hospitals.

Product Pricing Benchmarking

Cost benchmarking dataset includes:

  • 450 Hospitals
  • $14 Billion In Purchasing Spend
  • The Relationship Between Price Paid And Volume Of Purchases At Other Hospitals By Product Category

Cost Reduction Strategy Development

  • Develop Comprehensive Clinical Supply Savings & Strategic Implementation Plan
  • Develop Clinician Communication And Alignment Strategy

Contract Negotiations & Cost Savings Implementation

  • Negotiate & Partner With Suppliers
  • Implement New Pricing And Strategy Programs

Results Tracking

Electronically audit all clinical supply usage post implementation to ensure all savings goals are achieved and monitor contract compliance.