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Purchased Services 

Strategically Drive Sustainable Savings Through Purchased Services

Health care purchased services include any clinical or operational service that is outsourced.

We combine an insight-driven approach with subject-matter expertise, industry best practices and national market intelligence to help you make smarter Purchased Services decisions. Purchased Services represents 15 to 20 percent of a health system’s total expenses–rivaling total supply spend.

Partnering with Our Hospital Clients

Our consultants help apply expertise in over one hundred categories, understanding contract variables such as duration and service quality. With national benchmarks, data and analytics combined with expertise we help ensure savings beyond a local or regional level. We’ll deliver a national perspective and support centralization to maximize and sustain savings for your organization.

Using 5 core phases we will identify and achieve significant financial improvements for your organization:

Gather Information & Analyze Data

All supplier spend will be categorized from accounts payable files into specific service categories.

Estimate the Results

Our Purchased Services benchmarking data provides visibility into savings opportunities by service category, market segment and department.

Develop Strategy

We will work with the organization’s key stakeholders to solicit feedback on prioritization of the service categories for cost reduction.

Execute the Plan

Develop, facilitate, and review RFP’s and responses.

Monitor Savings

We will monitor contract compliance to ensure all supplier fees are accurate and consistent with the newly signed contract.