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Distribution Optimization

Increasing the Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Value of Your Distribution Function

Elevating Distribution Service


From optimizing your internal distribution to increased nursing satisfaction to evaluating distribution partners for high service at a low cost, our distribution consultants will ensure you achieve your distribution goals.


Our expert consultants start by identifying your pain points and mapping best practice future state processes. We put the right plans and people in place to keep your workflow on point.


Areas of Expertise

Inventory and Storage Optimization


  • Central Storeroom and PAR areas
  • Perioperative Core & Surgery
  • Offsite Warehouse

Distribution Methods



    • Bulk
    • Low Unit of Measure

    Prime Distributor Business Evaluation


      • Request for Proposal Facilitation
      • Service and Financial Negotiations
      • Distributor Conversion Support

    Aligning Supply Chain with Clinical Needs


    We help healthcare providers understand and control their inventory and distribution so they can run more efficiently and create a better staff and patient experience.

    Our focus is to take your organization to the next level of distribution services so you can further align your supply chain and clinical teams.


    Our Distribution Optimization process will achieve the following objectives:

    Eliminate Waste

    Lower Cost

    Improve Efficiency

    Develop Better Performance Metrics

    Create a Better Staff and Patient Experience