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Custom Procedure Packs

Customized Sterilization Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Do more, efficiently and cost-effectively. All with best-in-class quality.

Every day your O.R. is under pressure to do more. Improve patient care. Bring down expenses. Deliver higher quality. The demands never stop. Our supplier partner, American Contract Systems (ACS), can help.

ACS’s team of surgical pack professionals are ready to help. We understand your unique needs and tailor solutions to drive results. Every surgical procedure. Every surgical pack. Every operational cost. We dig into O.R. challenges until we unearth faster, smarter, more cost-effective ways for you to get things done.

Strategic Healthcare Services (SHS) Project Management professionals have the product experience and industry expertise to facilitate and manage a smooth transition from your incumbent custom pack provider. Post transition, SHS will work with your organization to optimize your custom packs for increased savings while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Savings, Transparency, and Control

The ACS model for CPT delivery was created to make it simple, easy, and cost effective for hospital’s to manage the quality and cost of their custom packs.

Average Savings 25% – 30% from current price.

Packs are built with the same products being used in your current packs.

Full transparency into each pack’s individual product cost, labor cost to build the pack, and sterilization costs.

Hospital staff controls and approves all products in the packs.

Improved Environmental Sustainability compared to traditional sterilization methods.